'Fortnite' Player Recreates 'Toy Story' World In-Game

Courtesy of the special powers of Creative mode, a Fortnite player has recreated Toy Story in the [...]


Courtesy of the special powers of Creative mode, a Fortnite player has recreated Toy Story in the popular battle royale game from Epic Games.

The creation comes way of Instagram user Seyyamifidan, who apparently decided to recreate Andy Davis' iconic bedroom in Fortnite with the Creative mode, and when you consider the limitations of the latter, the creation is pretty darn impressive. It's not a replica, but any Toy Story fan worth their Potatohead should immediately recognize the room.

For those that don't know: Andy is the young boy in Toy Story whose toys come to life when he's not around. While the toys venture out of Andy's bedroom, a considerable part of the movies take place in the blue sky bedroom many of us have imprinted in our memories.

As you may know, since Fortnite's Creative mode went live, the game's massive fanbase has been flexing its creative prowess, and the recreation of a variety of popular animated movies in the game have resulted, such as the Teen Titan's massive homebase tower.

A select few islands created in Creative Mode are chosen to be featured in the game's battle-royale map via "The Block," which semi-frequently rotates new fan-created islands into the map. Here's to hoping we see the recreation of Andy's room in the battle-royale map soon.

When Epic Games first announced "The Block," I must admit, I was a little bit skeptical. But turns out there's a ton of Fortnite players out there with map design talent seemingly equal to that of Epic Games, and the result is a goldmine of islands that could be used in "The Block."

And just as a concept "The Block" has been really neat. It helps keep the map feeling fresh, but also it isn't depressing when one of your favorite drop spots is taken out of the game, because you're already expecting it to be replaced soon.

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