'Fortnite' Brings Back Disco Domination and Sniper Shootout LTMs

Fortnite players have two returning Limited Time Modes to play before they’re gone with Epic [...]

Fortnite players have two returning Limited Time Modes to play before they're gone with Epic Games bringing back the Disco Domination and Sniper Shootout game modes.

Epic Games announced the return of the Disco Domination mode on Sunday while calling it the Holiday Disco LTM. It's one of several game modes that'll be introduced throughout the seasonal 14 Days of Fortnite event that includes content updates, LTMs, and challenges for players to take part in.

The Disco Domination mode is one that players will remember is a returning LTM after it was first introduced back in the v6.02 update. It functions like a Fortnite-styled version of a traditional domination game mode where players have to take control of different dance floors across the map to successfully gain points for their teams.

Instead of simply standing on the command points to capture them, players have to emote while standing on a dance floor to start the process, but only if there are no enemies present. Enemies who appear and stand on the dance floor will stop a "dance bar" from filling up, and the first team to successfully fill up their bar the whole way will win the match. Players can't build structures on the actual dance floors themselves, but walls and other defenses can be built around them.

Sniper Shootout has also been brought back, a game mode that players have seen from time to time since it was first released earlier in 2018. As its name suggests, this Fortnite LTM is centered around long-distance weapons like the sniper rifle variations including the Hunting Rifle. The game mode appears to be available in Duos as well, so players will need to find a friend to watch their back while they're sniping.

Fortnite's addition of the two returning game mode came alongside another update that Epic Games released for the game on Sunday to give players new content while the development team is on a break for the holidays. "Presents" were added in the first of three content updates that'll be released throughout the break period, the Presents being a new kind of item that spawns a massive gift which players can then destroy to see what kind of loot it hides inside. It won't be easy to come across though with the full details on that new item seen here.

Fortnite's latest update and the LTMs are now live for all platforms.