Fortnite Leaks Hint at New Dragon Ball Skin

Amid several Fortnite leaks shared recently, players were clued in (unofficially) on what the rumored Dragon Ball crossover might entail in terms of skins, emotes, and other additions, we may have learned of another skin supposedly coming to the game. The previous discussions suggested that one of the new skins would be for a female character, and if evidence from the game's files is anything to go off of, it seems that character might be Bulma.

Fortnite player HYPEX who frequently shares news about upcoming and ongoing developments in the battle royale game tweeted recently about the possibility of Bulma coming to Fortnite. For those who haven't been keeping up with the leaks and rumors, the current thinking is that there will be four main skins with one each for Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and fourth skin thought to be for a female character. HYPEX reasoned that an unreleased skin found in the game's files known now as "Barium" is meant to be Bulma based on the codename as well as the fact that it is a reactive skin with an accompanying pickaxe that uses "cartoon effects."

If the fourth skin is to be for a female character, Bulma makes as much sense as anything else in terms of the possible characters that could take that spot. Android 18 is another prime guess given that she's both prone to combat and is one of the more recognizable female characters from the Dragon Ball universe, but even though Bulma isn't a direct combatant on par with the Z Fighters, she's still just as recognizable and is hardly one to shy away from conflict, so it wouldn't seem out of place at all to see her in Fortnite.

That's all assuming the rumors and leaks about the Dragon Ball collab are accurate up to this point anyway. Despite all these discussions about the crossover, Epic Games has not yet announced anything to indicate this is actually happening, so all the talks of four skins and other additions come from rumors and such. Those will have to suffice until we learn more about the crossover, but it's expected to happen next month, so hopefully we'll soon know more about Epic Games' plans.