Fortnite Reveals New Drum Gun Weapon

Fortnite is adding a new weapon soon with the Drum Gun coming soon, an iconic weapon with a high rate of fire and plenty of ammo.

Though everyone’s still talking about the big rocket launch that took place in Fortnite just yesterday, the in-game updates keep moving right along with the “New Updates” popup saying that the Drum Gun is coming soon. Whether you know it by that name, as a Thompson submachine gun, or as the Tommy gun, you’ll be able to use it in Fortnite before too long. Fortnite players on Reddit shared an image of the in-game updates that previewed the upcoming weapon.

“Drum Gun – coming soon! New weapon with a high capacity drum magazine and a quick rate of fire,” the update section reads to preview the upcoming item.

Fortnite Drum Gun
(Photo: Reddit)

Though the weapon itself has almost always been an SMG when it showed up in other games, a leak that revealed the weapon just a few days ago suggest that that’s not the case this time. Instead of being classified as that weapon type, Storm Shield reports that the Drum Gun will instead be an assault rifle. Saying that the weapon would come in both a green and blue variant with no reason to believe a Legendary is in the works, Storm Shield shared all the stats for the new weapon to show just how fast it’ll fire and how much damage it’ll do.

  • Damage: 27
  • Crit Chance: 0%
  • Crit Damage: 0%
  • Fire Rate: 9
  • Magazine Size: 50
  • Range : 5000
  • Durability: 99999
  • Durability per Use: 0.0
  • Reload Time: 3
  • Ammo Type: Ammo: Medium Bullets
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Impact: 28
  • Patch Added: 4.5.0

Interestingly enough, the timing of the Drum Gun adds to some players’ theories about the epic rocket launch that just happened this weekend. When the rocket flew around and seemingly tore through space and time – something that you definitely need to catch up on if you didn’t see it in person – players started coming up with different ideas about what the rocket launch might mean for the future of Fortnite. One of the more popular theories suggests that the rocket has torn through dimensions and time and could open the interdimensional door for items and settings from the past and the present to converge. With the Tommy gun being the historic weapon that it is, some are suggesting that this could be the first of several throwback weapons to come.

Fortnite’s Drum Gun should be fully revealed by Epic Games soon before it’s available for everyone.