Fortnite Player Discovers Source of Weird Map Noises

A Fortnite player has discovered the source of the game's weird map noises that were added [...]

A Fortnite player has discovered the source of the game's weird map noises that were added alongside Season 6. If you've been hearing strange noises while playing the free-to-play game since the release of Season 6, you're not alone. That said, until this week, it was unclear what the source of these noises were, but it turns out they are coming out of the main tower in the middle of the map.

Taking to Twitter, Fortnite leaker and content creator, HypeX revealed that the "weird sounds" that can be heard around the map at any location are actually coming from the tower, though it's unclear why this happening. There's obviously some significance to it, but who knows what this significance is.

Whatever the case, Hypex has compiled all of the different sounds into one video, which reveals some dinosaur noises and what appears to be Foundation screaming, possibly in pain.

While the source of these noises has been discovered, it's unclear why the tower is emitting all of these sounds and what exactly they mean for the game and Season 6. That said, this is obviously by design, so we should get more answers as the season progresses.

What is safe to say is that Foundation is obviously going to play a big role in the game's story going forward, though who knows for how long.

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