Could Fortnite Season 6 Bring Back the Original Map?

Is Fortnite Season 6 bringing back the classic map? A number of recent leaks and observations [...]

Is Fortnite Season 6 bringing back the classic map? A number of recent leaks and observations suggest that the popular battle royale video game may return to the pre-Chapter 2 map at some point soon. In general, there have been plenty of theories and speculation over the last several months suggesting this is exactly what Epic Games is working towards. Whether any of these theories or speculation have any merit remains to be seen, but they are bolstered by the occasional rumor or leak in the same sort of direction and plenty of fans have been hankering to return to an older form of the map for quite some time.

Since Season 6 launched this month, dataminers have discovered two things added to the files of the game: dinosaurs and meteors. The fact that dinosaurs and meteors are popping up in the files at the same time certainly seems to suggest some type of extinction event, though sometimes leaks make events sound more exciting than they end up being.

Many theories making the rounds within the Fortnite community theorize that dinosaurs will be added to the map, and then wiped out with some type of asteroid event. That said, while the leaks point to this as a possibility, they haven't confirmed anything.

Of course, if there is some type of extinction/asteroid event, it's reasonable to think it could result in the destruction of the current map, which paves the way for a new map. Adding to this, the recent cinematic trailer for Season 6 features a pre-Chapter 2 location, Happy Hamlet, which debuted back in Season 7 as a Flush Factory replacement.

Now, there's nothing in the trailer that confirms it's Happy Helmet, but it's unclear what else it could be. That said, it's unclear why Happy Hamlet would be in the trailer, unless you were teasing a pre-Chapter 2 map. The only explanation is that the map in the trailer is purely for cinematic purposes and thus everything about is it irrelevant, which is surely possible, but not nearly as exciting.

For now, all we have is speculation. That said, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. Is there anything to this theory? Would you like to see Fortnite return to a pre-Chapter 2 map or even the original map?