Fortnite's Fatal Fields Exploit Has Been Fixed

A map glitch in Fortnite that allowed players to place themselves underneath the map has quickly [...]


A map glitch in Fortnite that allowed players to place themselves underneath the map has quickly been taken care of.

An exploit that was dubbed as the Fatal Fields glitch, the exploit was exactly as deadly for other players as the name implied. While glitching out of the map in other games allows players entry to otherwise inaccessible areas, it allows for a majorly unfair advantage against other players in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode. Once under the map, players can still see through the ground that's now above them and can spot other players walking around while also being able to shoot them. The other players can't even retaliate because for them, the ground is still just as impenetrable as always.

But the Fatal Fields glitch has now been resolved, according to the game's team, and Epic Games also said that they'll be looking at anyone who was reported to see if they were guilty of abusing the exploit.

The reports being reviewed would of course come naturally from disgruntled players who didn't appreciate being shot underground, but Epic Games also encouraged players to report others they saw abusing this glitch. In a megathread where Redditors discussed the glitch, Epic Games chimed in to help refresh players' memories on how to report the glitchers.

"We are aware of this exploit and working towards a fix," Epic Games said on Reddit. "Until then please report any players you see abusing this. There are two ways of doing this. The first and most effective way is by opening a ticket here and providing any information you have. The alternative way is by clicking the 'Feedback' button and then using the 'Player' tab to provide their username and what you're reporting them for. Players caught abusing this exploit will have action taken against their accounts."

The severity of the bans being levied against exploiters hasn't been determined yet, at least not from players' reports, but it's welcome news to those who didn't abuse the glitch to know that Epic Games is taking action against those who did.Bottom of Form