'Fortnite' Meets 'Full House' in This No-Skins Parody

The sitcom style found in Full House and other shows have found its way into Fortnite with a [...]

The sitcom style found in Full House and other shows have found its way into Fortnite with a player's new parody intro mimicking the format perfectly.

Skins are all throughout Fortnite, but since they cost V-Bucks that are mostly only acquired through purchases with real money, many Fortnite players elect to pass on the skins and use the game's default models. These models vary from game to game, but they're all identifiable by their lack of unique characteristics that creates a uniform look that clearly conveys "default." These players are often referred to as the "No-Skins," and while they're often on the receiving end of jokes about Fortnite's lower-tier players, they're now featured in a mock trailer for a sitcom called "The No-Skins."

The trailer was shared to the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit by the Redditor Cyodman who said it was an intro to the fictional sitcom series. A link to the GameNight YouTube channel was also shared where the video was also uploaded.

Featuring a huge house with shrubs and trees wrapped around it, the intro opens in stereotypical sitcom fashion with upbeat music and the show's title floating away into the distance. We're then introduced to the cast of "The No-Skins" that consists of various no-skin models players default to. Naming off the no-skin characters one by one, the video eventually pans over the map before showing all the models standing in the house together before transitioning into what would normally be the start of the next episode.

If you're thinking that this would be a series you'd follow along with should it actually become a real thing, the video's creator has some bad news for you. Everything about the trailer leads you to believe that this would be a "real" sitcom that could carry on, but the end of the intro cuts to black and dashes all hopes of that with a message that says "I'm not going to make this a real show."

The video's creators said that Full House was an inspiration for the sitcom intro, something that viewers familiar with the show probably picked up on. They also said that the video was actually made a while back with the creator's comment and the YouTube channel showing, indicating that the intro was made around three months ago but is just now being shared to the game's subreddit.

It still doesn't look like there are any plans for an actual sitcom since then, but you can see more of the creator's Fortnite videos here.