'Fortnite' Wins Big at the Gamers' Choice Awards

CBS aired its video game awards show called the Gamers’ Choice Awards on Sunday, a show where [...]

CBS aired its video game awards show called the Gamers' Choice Awards on Sunday, a show where several awards went to Fortnite and Fortnite-related individuals.

With awards categories spread out throughout different genres like action, fighting, and sports games, Fortnite won several of the player-voted awards ranging from the favorite multiplayer game of the year to the favorite esports format. It also won the overall award of Fan Favorite Game with all of the awards it won listed below:

  • Fan Favorite Game
  • Fan Favorite Multiplayer Game
  • Fan Favorite Esports Game
  • Fan Favorite Battle Royale Game
  • Fan Favorite Esports League Format

The last of those awards, the Fan Favorite Esports League Format, went to Fortnite for its Community Skirmishes feature. The Summer Skirmish and Fall Skirmish were two examples of this competitive format from earlier in the year with the Winter Royale Tournament following those two afterwards.

While Epic Games earned several accolades for the game itself, Fortnite's most popular streamer, Ninja, won several awards of his own due to his prominence in the Fortnite streaming scene. He and Drake won the Fan Favorite Gaming Moment for the time that they played Fortnite together months ago, a moment that also involved Juju Smith-Schuster, the NFL player who won the award for the Fan Favorite Celebrity Gamer (Athlete) category. Ninja also won the award for Fan Favorite Esports Player (Fortnite) and the Fan Favorite Overall Esports Player. He didn't win the Fan Favorite Male Gamer/Stream award though with that one going to TimTheTatman, though he tweeted his support for the streamer after the award winner was announced.

Sunday marked the first airing of the Gamers' Choice Awards show which was shown on CBS after players had opportunities to vote for their favorite games and celebrities in the many different categories. A total of 2,184,197 votes were cast, according to the Gamers' Choice Awards site, and all of the winners of the various awards can be seen listed there as well.