'Fortnite' Bug Is Making Players Invisible

Fortnite players are sometimes having a hard time seeing their opponents with the invisible player [...]

Fortnite players are sometimes having a hard time seeing their opponents with the invisible player model bug once again affecting games.

It's far from the first time that this bug has happened, but it's once again been noticed as players encountered opponents that they couldn't see. Floating guns or similar indicators of where an invisible player might be have sometimes been spotted in the past to give at least some fighting chance to those who encounter the bug, just as you'll see in video below that was shared to the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit where a floating object, the running animation, and hit confirmations were all the player had to go off of. They still managed to track and defeat the opponent, but it's a confusing fight that likely went on much longer than it should've.

I must have missed Harry Potter's invisibility cloak in the item shop... from r/FortNiteBR

Taking notice of the post, Epic Games community coordinator Sean "MrPopoTFS" Hamilton stepped in to leave a comment confirming that Epic Games is aware of the bug. Making a joke about the player's post title that referred to the invisibility bug as Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility, Hamilton said that Epic Games is currently working on the problem.

"They're a wizard, Lozzap!" the community coordinator said. "I wanted to drop by and confirm we're investigating this and working towards a fix, thanks for the report."

As players pointed out, this problem has been noticed before, though it's been sporadic enough that some in the thread said they've never encountered it in-game. It's now been added to the list of top Battle Royale issues on the game's official Trello board that tracks news, patches, and bugs affecting the game with a description of what's happening.

"Player character models are sometimes not appearing in-game," the issue card says. "This causes what appears to be floating weapons to be the only thing visible. We're actively investigating this and working towards a fix."

These cards occasionally have a workaround provided for players to temporarily fix the issue themselves until Epic Games deploys a more reliable solution, but there's no workaround listed for this problem. According to the card, it's an issue that's affecting only consoles and is currently under investigation.

The reoccurrence of the bug follows the release of the game's latest content update that added new tools to players' arsenals and a new Limited Time Mode. Shockwave Grenades are now usable and are ready to fling enemies and teammates alike while the 50v50 Solid Gold LTM is live along with a few Save the World changes.