'Fortnite' Contest Will Feature One Player's Limited Time Mode In-Game

Epic Games announced a new Fortnite competition on Thursday called the LTM Creator Contest, a [...]

Epic Games announced a new Fortnite competition on Thursday called the LTM Creator Contest, a player submission-fueled generator for what will become a new Limited Time Mode. Players who have ideas for their own Limited Time Modes after playing Team Rumble and the other game modes Epic Games has come up with have the chance to create their own Limited Time Mode and submit the idea for Epic Games' consideration. One grand prize winner will become a part of the game's Creator Program, but more importantly, they'll have their Limited Time Mode featured in-game as a game mode playable by others.

The LTM Creator Contest is one of many contests Epic Games has held in the past to welcome players' submissions for in-game content, the Boogiedown contest that led to the creation of more than one emote in the game being one example of that. While other contests have called for dances or more lighthearted fan-made creations, this contest will perhaps be the most involved since players will have to create an entire game mode full of rules and other details. Submissions for a new Limited Time Mode are open now until April 8th with the winning game mode announced and released shortly after the submissions close.

Fortnite players will already be familiar with The Block, an area of the map that feature's player-made settings. Epic Games said that experience was the first step in player-made content that's now led to this contest.

"When Creative was first envisioned, we were extremely excited about the potential for creators to create their own games that could then be featured as LTMs," creative development director Zak Phelps said. "The Block was the first step, introduced in Season 7 and began the journey of shared player made creations. Season 8 furthers that opportunity for any player or group as you can now matchmake together into an experience created by you, for everyone. Your imagination and creative use of the tools available are the only limits to what you can do. We are looking forward to playing your creation with the entire Fortnite community."

To prevent players from creating too many outlandish game designs, Epic Games provided some guidelines and recommendations. Games must have a minimum of four players with 16 being the max number allowed, so players won't be building a game mode that supports the usual 100-player experience. Those guidelines can be seen here, and the official rules provide more information on the contest's details.


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