'Fortnite' Map Shows Players Where to Find the Most Chests

A Fortnite player has created a handy graphic of the game’s map that shows where people have the best chance to find chests based on how many containers spawn in each location.

Chests are one of the best ways to get some quick loot in Fortnite, but coming across one that hasn’t been looted can be difficult if players don’t know where to look. To help others find the coveted loot containers, a Fortnite player and Redditor under the name Z444Z shared the map below that shows the entire map with different locations numbered accordingly to show how many chests are there.

Number of chests in each area. Hope this helps some people out with rotations and deciding where to drop! from r/FortNiteBR

The more in-between areas don’t have nearly as many chests as the high-traffic locations, but that’s to be expected seeing how players will gravitate to the latter to start fighting immediately after landing. Tilted Towers, for example, seems to have the most chests of all with 35 different chests able to be found in that multi-leveled battleground, according to the player’s map.

This map isn’t perfect though with some chests unaccounted for, but that’s something the map’s creator has already acknowledged. Comments from other users were shared that pointed out omissions such as some of the chests in Wailing Woods, but the guide creator said they were planning on reuploading the map again soon based on the feedback they’d received so far. Some of that feedback included using a different font color for the numbers to make it easier to read, but other users have already fixed that problem by providing alternate versions of the map in case someone had trouble reading the one above.


Fortnite’s Playground mode was essential for this time-intensive process of looking for all the game’s chests in different locations according to responses from the creator who replied to other comments about the difficulty of undertaking the project. They said it took them a few days to put together the guide and that they couldn’t imagine trying to do it without the Playground mode that lets players roam around freely.

While the chest locations remain the same, the map looks a bit different to Fortnite players now that it’s been covered in snow. The map above shows the pre-holiday version of the map where only the bottom-left portion was snowed over, but the entire map has now been covered, players have noticed.