Epic Games Fixes Fortnite's Party Problem

The issues affecting Fortnite’s party feature have now been resolved after the system was down [...]


The issues affecting Fortnite's party feature have now been resolved after the system was down for a day.

Teaming up with friends in the game's Battle Royale mode is one of the features that makes it most enjoyable, but players were unable to do that for almost the entire day on Saturday. It was confirmed early in the morning by Epic Games that there were some issues regarding the party system where players couldn't team up, sometimes even unable to login to the game at all, but a fix eventually went out late at night to give players who were still up some time to play before the day was over.

Epic Games did its best to keep players updated throughout the day regarding the stats of the problem, though most of the time they could only field frustrated players' questions while saying that the problem was being worked on until the problem was confirmed to be fixed by Epic Games towards the end of the night.

Following the release of the fix as players got back on and tried out the party system again, Epic Games said that everything seemed to be working as intended and encouraged players to reach out if they had any other issues regarding the party system that needed attention. The party system did seem to work for most players after the fix, but another issue regarding building structures, a core part of Fortnite, was also brought up. Epic Games acknowledged that problem as well and said that it was being worked on while explaining that the recent fix was dedicated entirely to solving the party problem.

The entire problem, according to Epic Games, stemmed from an influx of players during the week that Epic Games had not anticipated, but with the game still currently in Early Access, such issues and downtimes should be expected from time to time.