Exclusive 'Fortnite' PAX West Sprays Already Reselling for Crazy Prices

Fortnite PAX West Spray
(Photo: eBay)

PAX West attendees who double as Fortnite fans are getting codes for an exclusive in-game spray at the event, a spray that’s already being resold for hundreds of dollars.

A Redditor who attended PAX West shared news of the exclusive spray on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit and showed off the item that features a llama holding a controller and other gaming devices. The cards have scratch-off codes on the back that give players the exclusive PAX West spray through their Fortnite accounts.

The top comment on that Reddit thread joked that it wouldn’t be long before the codes were resold on eBay and other third-party reselling sites for crazy prices. It wasn’t long before those eBay listings started appearing with multiple sellers on eBay sharing listings for the spray that did exactly what the commenter joked about with many sellers jacking the prices up beyond $100.

Fortnite PAX West Spray eBay
(Photo: eBay)

With many of the listings going upwards of $100, it makes some of the lower ones selling the spray for $50 or $60 seem almost reasonable for an in-game spray, but the exclusivity of the item and listings using terms like “limited edition” have led to many people bidding on the items already. At least one listing loaded with keywords like “PAX West,” “E3” and “Epic” is selling a bundle of four codes for $450.

Over 50 different listings are currently on eBay with different options that allow buyers to either purchase the codes instantly or bid on them in a competition against other eBayers. As more code-holders catch wind of the opportunity and realize that they can probably make an easy $50 by selling the codes off, more listings will likely follow as soon as existing ones disappear.


Epic Games brought Fortnite to PAX West just as it did during E3 with more community events taking place throughout the weekend that ranged from mini-golf to the ongoing Summer Skirmish competitions. The Fortnite developers also showed off more of the High Stakes event that’s coming soon by sharing a first look at the Wild Card outfit that comes with four different masks players can swap between. Following that first reveal, more news on the event is scheduled to come Sunday night when Epic Games shares the first gameplay footage of “The Getaway,” the new Limited Time Mode that’s part of the event. Challenges will also be completable during the event, but those haven’t been detailed yet.

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