Is 'Fortnite' Adding a 'Power Rangers' Skin?

Some new Fortnite skins have leaked that have players wondering if a Power Rangers skin is on the way to the battle royale game.

Earlier today, a collection of unreleased Fortnite skins, emotes, and loot was leaked that included a Rambo skin and more. One of these new cosmetics that are expected to come to Fortnite soon looks curiously similar to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' White Ranger with the iconic gold, white, and black outfit. It's even got a big gold and black "V" crest in the center of the chest piece that looks very much like the one on Tommy Oliver's Power Ranger.


In true Fortnite fashion, it's not a shot-for-shot remake of the White Ranger's outfit. You'll notice that the visor has been replaced by some goggles over the mask, and the shoulder armor looks considerably different from that of the Power Rangers. We don't get to see the whole skin in the image, but it looks as though the outfit's boots are also pointed in the back unlike the Power Rangers' footwear.

The new skin even has a name along with a rarity that it'll be classified by when it's released. According to the leak, it's called the "Venturion" and will be an Epic skin.

Epic Games hasn't confirmed the release of the skin yet, so it still remains to be seen when and if it'll become available and for how many V-Bucks it'll be sold for. One thing is clear though, and that's that Fortnite players are more than ready for a Power Rangers skin. Within just the past few weeks, Fortnite players have been asking when Epic Games plans on making a Power Rangers outfit.


Skins aside, some other players have already drawn some comparisons between Power Rangers and Fortnite. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie has come to mind for at least one player and likely many more, and not long after the crossover event with Avengers: Infinity War was announced that introduced Thanos to the game, there were suggestions for a follow-up Power Rangers collaboration event.

The Venturion skin may be announced soon, so keep an eye out for it to see if it's truly the Power Rangers skin that Fortnite players have been waiting for.