Fortnite Pro Gets Swatted During Stream

A professional Fortnite player said he was paid a visit by the police over the weekend after he was reportedly swatted while in the middle of a Fortnite match. The 14-year-old player named Cody “Clix” Conrod was streaming for some of his viewers on Saturday when he announced to his teammates and those watching that he’d have to cut short this stream to talk to the police. He said that he’d just gotten swatted, though it appears that nobody was injured in the incident.

The clip below comes from the streamer’s Squad Warmup Tournament and shows the moment that he had to step away from the game. The three-person squad was pressuring another group of players after Clix had already been eliminated when the Misfits Gaming streamer said that the police were at his house.

“Police are here,” the Fortnite pro said during the stream. “Yo, I just got swatted.

The rest of his teammates kept playing afterward and eventually won the match. Clix returned to the stream later to provide an update and said he was shaking and that the police were still there. The four-person team hopped into another game right afterward and the streamer preemptively apologized in case he played poorly because he said he was shaking. Clix said the police were still there while he was starting his next game, and he had to step away from the match once or twice afterwards presumably to address the situation.

Clix shared some messages with his followers afterwards by tweeting about the incident. He asked what the point of swatting was and said that he’d gotten one of the police officers’ Snapchat info.


Swatting streamers is an unfortunate trend that’s surfaced with the rise of streaming itself, and past incidents have shown the consequences and dangers of what some people seem to think is a prank. The most infamous case of swatting streamers involved a California man named Tyler Barriss who was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison after making fake calls to have police sent person’s house over an online dispute. The incident resulted in the death of the swatting victim who was not the intended target for the attack.

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