'Fortnite' Has a Strange Rock Formation That's Moving

Fortnite players discovered a rock formation with a humanoid shape shortly after Season 7 began, [...]

Fortnite players discovered a rock formation with a humanoid shape shortly after Season 7 began, and it appears that the rock monster is able to move around.

One player noticed the shift in the Wailing Woods rock formation's pose and shared evidence of the movement on Reddit. The image to the left shows the rock formation as players who have landed around it might remember it, but the one on the right shows that it's taken on a more surprised look as of late.

idk if this has been talked about, but a formation of rocks inbetween tomato and wailing has been moving around from r/FortNiteBR

Looking back on past seasons, some players have speculated that this rock formation might become a larger part of Season 7 if it truly starts moving around the map. Some have theorized that it might find its way to Tilted Towers and destroy not the whole location but will instead level the building that's under construction and seems to be targeted by every season's destructive force.

There's always the chance that this rock structure could just be there for looks though, so it might not even change hardly at all aside from the occasional pose shift. Some of Fortnite's more important features or elements during each season don't make themselves known or set things in motion until later on, so it could be that it takes a while for the rock to start being more active.

The rock formation, for anyone who hasn't seen it, is positioned outside of Wailing Woods with the video below showing where exactly players can drop to locate it. Many of Fortnite's most interesting structures change occasionally with little to no fanfare from Epic Games' part, so it's up to players to figure out when things are happening much of the time. Like other objects in Fortnite such as Kevin the Cube that floundered around the map and crushed things while depositing powerful runes, this rock formation will inevitably get a name at some point. Players will also likely be keeping a better eye on the rock formation now that it's adjusted itself, so any further movement by the rock won't take long to be recognized and announced.

Fortnite also recently got the first of several updates to provide new content over the holiday break with another update scheduled to be released next week. New and returning Limited Time Modes will be released between these updates to keep players busy with alternate game modes.