Fortnite Puddles Seemingly Teasing Massive Season 3 Map Changes

Puddles are forming across Fortnite's map, and while on the surface level this seems like a minor cosmetic change, it appears it's actually indicative of much, much bigger map changes coming to the game soon via the launch of Season 3. Last night, Epic Games added puddles to the free-to-play battle royale game's map. The puddles seem to be forming along the game's shorelines, leaving slightly larger indents in the ground around them. It's safe to assume these will progressively get larger and larger until Season 3 is ready, or at least this is how these smaller and subtle map changes tend to evolve at the end of a season.

What's interesting about this is it comes on the back of a massive leak about Season 3 specifically. According to this recent leak, Epic Games will give the current map a water makeover for Season 3. This doesn't mean the entire map will be water, but there will be more water locations, including some underwater locations.

To accompany this, will be rideable sharks, which will serve as the season's new vehicle. And accompanying rideable sharks will be an Aquaman Skin, which will be tied to challenges like the Deadpool skin has been this season. This Aquaman skin is apparently going to be one of many DC Comics skins coming to the game, which will mean no Marvel skins for the upcoming season.

Of course, all of this is alleged and unofficial information, and thus it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, these new emerging puddles do seem to give the claims some weight.

(Second Image) Puddles are now appearing around the map.... credit @fnbrleaks on twitter from r/FortNiteBR

Unfortunately, Season 3 isn't going live until early June, so we won't know if any of this is true for at least another month. However, if these puddles start to get more plentiful and bigger, it may confirm the leak before the new season gets the chance too.

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