Fortnite Season 5 Has a Big "God Mode" Bug

Fortnite’s Marvel-themed season may be over, but thanks to a new bug that’s been identified in Season 5, players are still able to get superpowers in some way that allow them to withstand damage and deal it back to players from unexpected angles. The bug in question apparently has to do with the new quicksand feature that allows players to sink into the ground when they’re in the right part of the map, but the exact circumstances around how the bug works haven’t been determined.

Twitter user iFireMonkey who primarily shares Fortnite news and leaks shared the clip below this week to show what a frustrating encounter with the bug looks like. Upon finding an enemy who was facing away from them and towards part of the environment, the player was unable to consistently deal damage to them despite shooting them directly. That enemy was apparently able to shoot back without even looking in the right direction as well.

Based on what’s shown in the clip and the discussions going on within different social media platforms, there’s a lot going on here in this clip and a number of variables that could be at play. Some players have reported seeing this same issue happen whenever they’re in bot lobbies and have suggested that perhaps the quicksand doesn’t play nice with bots and is affecting their behavior with this being the result. Others have suggested going into the sand under the right conditions makes players invisible which would explain why there were shots coming from impossible angles. Still more have like iFireMonkey have referred to this as a possible “god mode” bug which pretty much means anything goes.

Whatever the issue may that’s causing this bug, it’s a frustrating one to be sure that’s not just isolated to a small group of players. A quick look at the Trello board for Fortnite shows that the bug has not yet been listed among the cards showing known issues in the battle royale mode. That doesn’t mean the Fortnite team is unaware of the bug, but it does mean we don’t have any indication of what the issue is, and more importantly, when it’ll be fixed.