Fortnite Leak Reveals Scary OP Gun Coming Soon

A new Fortnite leak has revealed a new gun coming to the game, presumably with Season 7. Word of the gun comes courtesy of new files added to the game with a recent update. In other words, the leak not only leaks the gun's existence but reveals that's seemingly coming quite soon, hence the projection it will release during Season 7, at the latest. Whatever the case, when and if it is added, it may shake up the meta.

Not only did the gun -- a Legendary Drum Shotgun -- leak, but its stats did as well. And on the surface level, some of these stats aren't that impressive, especially the damage, which is just 5.3. However, it shoots 10 pellets at a time, which means it dishes out 53 damage if you hit with all of them. Meanwhile, it shoots four times a second, which means if you connect with every pellet you will dish out 212 damage in a second.

Even when you take into consideration the gun's other stats, it's an absolute beast. That said, it's not only possible that these stats aren't final, but that it will never even be added to the game proper.

At the moment of publishing, Epic Games has not addressed this leak with any type of comment. We don't expect this to change, as it never comments on leaks, but if it does so will the story. In the meantime, take everything here with a grain of salt like you would any leak.


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