Fortnite Upgrades One of Its Most Popular Skins in June's Crew Pack

Following teasers from earlier in the week that hinted at a new Fortnite skin's arrival, Epic Games has revealed the contents of June's Crew Pack. Those who subscribe to that Fortnite service can look forward to getting the Mecha Cuddle Master next month, a new take on the Cuddle Team Leader cosmetic that's been one of the most popular skins in Fortnite since it was first added. This skin will be accompanied by things like alternate skin styles, a new pickaxe, and more.

The teasers for Fortnite's main skin for June's Crew Pack were embedded in the loading screens given away in May, the same ones that appeared to hint at Loki's arrival in the game. The Mecha Cuddle Master skin appeared in those, but players won't have to settle for just the one appearance of the new take on the Cuddle Team cosmetic since it'll feature a couple of different styles for players to alternate.

"Mecha Cuddle Master — made of steel but still snuggly — is the star of June 2021's Fortnite Crew Pack," Epic Games said. "In addition to the Mecha Cuddle Master Outfit, this Pack features the sleek Psytronic Bow Back Bling, the fuel-powered Nuzzle Jet Pickaxe, and the decorative Cuddle Mech Wrap. Multiple editions of the Outfit, Back Bling, and Pickaxe were assembled: the pink default Style, the white and black Midnight Style, and the white and red Royale Style."

For those who haven't paid much attention to the Crew Pack deal but are now more interested because of this skin, the subscription is billed monthly and costs $11.99 each month. On top of the cosmetics like the ones above that are revealed prior to them being given away each month, the subscription gives players monthly allowances of 1,000 V-Bucks and immediate access to whatever battle pass is going on at the time.

As a non-Fortnite bonus, the Crew Pack also comes with three free months of Spotify Premium, though that offer doesn't refresh each month after you've redeemed it for the first time. Epic Games said that offer lasts until June 30th.


Fortnite's Crew Pack for June will be available on May 31st around 8 p.m. ET with players able to pick up May's Crew Pack until that time.