'Fortnite' Is Experiencing Server and Login Issues, Epic Games Responds

Fortnite players have been experiencing issues with the battle royale game’s servers, problems [...]

Fortnite players have been experiencing issues with the battle royale game's servers, problems that Epic Games confirmed are being investigated with the game's performance being impacted in the meantime.

Players shared reports on Twitter and other forums that they weren't able to log into Fortnite or get into games quickly. Following these reports, Epic Games shared the tweet below that acknowledged the problems and said that the server issues are under investigation.

The link shared redirects to the Epic Games status page where a "Minor Service Outage" shown to be affecting Fortnite. Many of the features such as the website and forums remain operational, but "Game Services" are experiencing a "Partial Outage" while the "Login" and "Matchmaking" elements are suffering from a "Degraded Performance."

While the situation is being investigated, players have kept up with their reports about the problem while showing evidence of long queue times and the degraded experience mentioned above when trying to get into games.

The widespread outage of Fortnite's services follows another issue with the game that occurred on Wednesday, this one dealing with the latest challenge reward in the 14 Days of Fortnite event. With new challenges appearing every day for players to attempt as they acquire new themed rewards, players have been earning new loot throughout the holidays, but one prize won't be released until next year. The "Take the Elf" emote is a play on the popular "Take the L" dance that Fortnite popularized, and despite a pop-up saying players had successfully completed the challenge for it and earned the emote, it's not being distributed properly. Epic Games responded to those issues as well and said it "identified an issue with the Take the Elf emote not being granted to players after completing the Day 8 challenge. The emote will still be granted to anyone who completed the challenge, but it'll be given out early next year. That's not far away now, but Epic Games provided no specific timeframe on when, exactly, the emote would appear in players' Lockers.

Epic Games is expected to provide an update on the status of the servers once progress has been made.