Is Fortnite Down? Fortnite Servers Crash After Season 4 Launch

Update: Epic Games has confirmed server problems are affecting Fortnite. Original story [...]

Update: Epic Games has confirmed server problems are affecting Fortnite. Original story below:

Fortnite's servers appear to be struggling after the launch of Season 4 with many players reporting that the game is unavailable to them. No official announcement has come from the Fortnite Status Twitter account that keeps track of ongoing problems with servers or other in-game issues, but that should change soon if the problems persist considering how many players are now saying they can't get into a game. Some reported issues were already being investigated prior to the server issues.

There are plenty instances of players on Twitter and other social media platforms sounding off about the servers being down, and after checking in on Fortnite ourselves, it appears those reports are accurate. While there's a chance you may be able to get into a game without issue, it's evident many people are having problems.

Downdetector, the service used to track outages across different online platforms, corroborated the reports by showing a significant spike in players saying they couldn't get into the game.

The issue follows confirmations from Epic Games of other problems affecting Fortnite shortly after Season 4 launched with all its Marvel crossover content. One of the issues being investigated had to do with aim assist settings on the PC, though there's been no mention of server problems yet.

Part of the problem with the servers today could be that so many players are trying to get on and play at the same time. That often happens whenever a new Fortnite season starts, but Season 4 is a bit different in the rest in that it's entirely themed around Marvel content. The more universal appeal of the season includes skins for Iron Man, Thor, Storm, She-Hulk, and other Marvel characters along with alternate styles for most of the cosmetics.

Marvel is also bringing Fortnite characters into its stories as well. It was confirmed after the season's launch that we'd see some Fortnite-themed comic cover variants in the next two months that invite Fortnite characters into the pages of Marvel comics.

We expect Epic Games to comment on the server issues soon if they persist, but the issues typically don't take too long to resolve.