Fortnite Trailer Appears to Hint at New Flare Gun Item

Epic Games looks like it’s prepping players for a new flare gun item to be added to the battle royale game based on what we’ve seen in a new trailer. A brief cinematic showed Jonesy, the poster character for Fortnite, stranded on a deserted island where he used a flare gun to try and call in some help. The developer hasn’t confirmed that the flare gun is really coming through the trailer or otherwise, though it certainly seems likely that it’ll be added to the game.

The trailer shown above isn’t one that you’ll find on Fortnite’s usual reveal spots like its Twitter page or YouTube channel, at least not yet. It was uploaded by YouTuber NBH Tank after it was shown during the Pro-Am competition which took place over the weekend and united the game’s top players with celebrities in a duos tournament. Throughout the event, several cinematics were shown, but people picked out the flare gun trailer as one that specifically looked to be teasing a new item in Fortnite.

Jonesy ended up shooting down the bus he needed help from by blowing up the balloon that supported it, though it’s unlikely that’s what the flare gun will actually be capable of assuming it really is added. There’s always the chance it could do some damage to someone or structures if it hits them directly, but a much more likely outcome for the tool is that it’ll call in a supply drop on a user’s location. These types of weapons and skills are usually balanced in other games by the fact that your location is then revealed by the incoming supply drop which is up for grabs to other teams as well, so just because you get to call in free loot doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to keep it.


Other games have indeed added similar items or abilities. Apex Legends’ Lifeline character is a valued one on any team since she can call down a care package that’s filled with consumable and armor. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds simply added a flare gun item itself that does exactly what Fortnite’s might do by calling in a supply drop or other resources depending on where you’re located.

If the flare gun item really is coming to Fortnite, look for a teaser from Epic Games or an official announcement before its added in an upcoming update.