Fortnite Update Brings Indiana Jones, New Weapon, and More

A new Fortnite update -- v21.20 -- has been released by developer Epic Games, and it's actually rather beefy. Perhaps most importantly for many players, the latest Fortnite patch has finally brought the ability to unlock the Indiana Jones skin and other items from the character's set, but there is also a new weapon as well as a weapon that's been vaulted and an item unvaulted.

"Indiana Jones' Battle Pass Quests go live starting 9 AM ET on July 6, 2022! Complete these Quests to unlock the Indiana Jones Outfit and more items from his Set," the official patch notes for Fortnite v21.20 read in part. "Just in time for Indy's entrance, the Shuffled Shrines temple has been discovered on the Island! Explore this POI just west of The Joneses for an ancient architecture adventure."

(Photo: Epic Games)

Additionally, there is a new weapon in the latest Fortnite update, the Charge SMG. Charges are activated by holding the trigger down and the longer it is held, the more bullets release when players let it rip. There's an on-screen gauge for the charge, so anyone using it will have some idea of when to let go. While the Charge SMG is found on the ground as well as in Chests, Supply Drops, Reality Saplings, and sharks, its arrival has also coincided with the Combat SMG being vaulted.

But in this case, with the vaulting of one thing comes the unvaulting of another: the Port-A-Fort has returned. The Port-A-Fort item can be found on the ground as well as in Chests and requires zero building to raise a personal fort. It's unclear how long the Port-A-Fort will be unvaulted, but for now it adds a nice sudden fortification for players.

As noted above, Fortnite's v21.20 update is now available. The patch includes the unlock for Indiana Jones' Battle Pass Quests, the new Charge SMG, the vaulting of the Combat SMG, and the unvaulting of the Port-A-Fort. Fortnite itself is, more generally, currently in the midst of Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin', and is available on most major platforms in its latest form save for the iOS version -- though there is a way to get around this with Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Fortnite right here.


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