'Friday the 13th: The Game' Update Goes Into Detail About Leaked DLC

Last month, development on Friday the 13th: The Game shifted to a new development team after a legal dispute left future DLC up in arms. But now a more detailed update about what to expect from the game in terms of updates has appeared on the official game forum, although the news isn't entirely good.

Friday the 13th

With the lawsuit coming to an end and screenwriter Victor Miller winning the case, Gun Media has been trying to figure out how to move forward with the game. Wes Keltner, a rep for the studio, recently answered some questions submitted by fans.

First off, he noted that, even though Black Tower Studios has taken over on development, the studio is still unable to introduce new content to the current game as it stands. He did note that the team "wants to release new content, as do our partners at Horror, Inc.," but at the moment, he's not sure how that's possible.

But then there's the question about content that was reportedly finished for the game and leaked, including Uber Jason and the Grendel Space Station map from Jason X. Apparently, that appears to be in limbo at the moment.

"While Uber Jason appears to be close to being finished, there was still remaining work that needs to be completed in order to finish him," Keltner said. "When we got work to stop, we stopped. There were clothing packs and kill packs that were also nearly complete. However, the Grendel map still had months of work to go. When this content was leaked, we were under 50 percent complete. It is not likely that Grendel will ever see the light of day."

There are still a lot of questions that could use answering. However, with the franchise currently under "a legal microscope," the developer's hands are tied. It's a matter of seeing what Miller has in mind at this point, and if Gun Media can work out a resolution with him. Otherwise, the future for Friday the 13th: The Game might look bleak.

Not to say that the game doesn't have anything to offer. It's still a lot of multiplayer fun, and there are a few updates that fans will enjoy. Just don't expect anything new...at least right away.


Friday the 13th: The Game is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.