Friday the 13th: The Game Is Adding an Alternate Outfit for Part 5 Jason

Friday the 13th the Game Roys Coveralls
(Photo: Gun Media)

Friday the 13th: The Game players will soon have an alternate color option for Part 5 Jason’s coveralls, the Jason variation that’s better known as Roy Burns.

Part 5 Jason is the latest playable killer to be released in the game, one that was the result of much speculation and teasing. But when Roy was finally released with his signature blue marking hockey mask, players seemed to be divided on what color the character’s coveralls were as well as what they should be.

“This one goes out to all of you Roy fans,” said Daniel “ShiftySamurai” Nixon, community lead for Gun Media. “After the release of Roy and Pinehurst, we saw large conversations about the color of Roy’s overalls.”

In a “is this dress blue or gold” situation, players were seeing two different colors when looking at Roy’s coveralls: Blue and green. Different screenshots were presented as evidence to prove players’ points, but the division between those who disagreed on his outfit’s colors remained.

“And back and forth it went for days,” Nixon continued. “With no end to the debate in sight, I asked Ronnie what the actual color was, and he let me know that there were ongoing conversations about that exact topic, and that the blue coveralls were not the only color we planned on Roy having.”

Nixon then said that Ronnie Hobbs, a co-creator of Friday the 13th: The Game, had already been working with the IllFonic team to create mockups of Roy in order to decide on the appropriate color for his outfit. These mockups attempted to find the exact shade of green that Roy wore in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning with Hobbs tracking down memorabilia owners and experts in the field to name the color so that the alternate outfits could be created.

“With responses from contacts of ‘cool grey’ and ‘blue with green tones,’ he was left without an actual definable color,” Nixon said. “Ronnie followed up on a lead of ‘spruce green’, and what he found is that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of colors named ‘spruce green,’ and that they vary substantially.”


The final result was the color shown in the image at the top, an alternate outfit for Part 5 Jason. Nixon admits that this probably won’t be a perfect match for every scene in the fifth movie, but it’s a close enough fit to hopefully satisfy both parties.

Part 5 Jason’s green outfit will be the default option with blue being an alternate choice and will be added in the next update.