Gears 5 Players Only Have One More Weekend to Get the Terminator Characters

If you’ve seen videos of Gears 5 players rolling around and popping heads while using either the [...]

If you've seen videos of Gears 5 players rolling around and popping heads while using either the Terminator T-800 or Sarah Connor characters and want to do that yourself, you've only got one more weekend to have the two added to your account before the promotion ends. The way to get the characters is pretty simple, so pretty much everyone who has Gears 5 has them by now, but if you've got the game through Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and have been holding off on downloading it, you've got until September 16th to make sure they're in your collection.

To get the Terminator: Dark Fate characters in Gears 5, all you have to do is download the game via one of the Game Pass subscriptions and play. It's literally that easy. Download the game and play it sometime before September 16th, through Game Pass, according to Xbox's original announcement about the guest characters, and you'll find that the characters are among the options you can choose from in the traditional Versus PvP and in other modes. Those who pre-ordered any version of Gears 5 already received the characters either through a code or just downloading the game.

Anyone who's gone online and played Gears 5 has them by now, but the unique situation of the game being in the Game Pass service means someone who wants to play the new Gears game might not actually have them yet. Having the game always there waiting in the subscription service means you can hold off as long as you want to play the game so long as your subscription persists – you just won't have the characters waiting for you if you wait too long.

You'll notice that both the Terminator and Sarah Connor have been referred to as "characters" instead of just skins. That's because they're totally unique characters in the game with their own models and even their own abilities as opposed to just a new look for an existing character. The Terminator doesn't speak and doesn't have any unique abilities of its own since it can only be used in the Versus modes, but Sarah Connor has her own unique set of skills and quotes. Used in both the Escape and Horde modes alongside Versus, her unique skills in the first two modes include an ultimate which stuns enemies shot with ballistic weapons and a passive that restores her ultimate upon taking damage.

Gears 5 is now available for the Xbox One and PC.