Gears of War Developer Seemingly Confirms Work on New Xbox IP

Reports have been circling for a few months at this point that The Coalition, which is the studio [...]

Reports have been circling for a few months at this point that The Coalition, which is the studio behind Xbox's Gears of War franchise, is quietly working on a wholly new IP. And while The Coalition itself has yet to confirm anything of this nature, it looks as though a recent leak from one developer at the company might have spilled the beans a bit early.

Spotted by user Klobrille over on Twitter, the LinkedIn profile page for one studio member at The Coalition mentions work on a new IP. Specifically, this employee, whose name is Pedro Camacho D'Andrea, is said to be a level designer on the project. Not much else is revealed from Camacho D'Andrea about what this game might entail, but they are said to have been working on the game since February of this year.

What makes this newfound leak even more interesting comes with its timing. Later this month, The Coalition has already confirmed that it will be holding a new presentation at GDC to show off some work that the studio has done in Unreal Engine 5. In doing so, the developer is said to also be revealing a new tech demo that shows the capabilities of the game engine. And while there's no guarantee that this demo will be anything more than just that, perhaps there is a chance that this will be our first look at the new IP in action.

Regardless of what ends up happening at GDC, though, this leak definitely seems to verify many of the previous reports that we have been hearing about. As such, if you're someone who wanted to see The Coalition work on Gears 6 any time soon, well, it looks like they'll be making a pit stop before eventually working on that project down the road.

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