Xbox Insider Hints at Brand New Game From Gears of War Developer

Earlier this week, The Coalition, which is the studio behind Gears 5 and Gears Tactics, announced that it would be moving to develop its future games in Epic's Unreal Engine 5. The move was a rather unsurprising one given that Gears of Waras a whole has always been closely tied to the game engine. And while The Coalition will surely end up creating another new mainline installment in the Gears franchise in UE5 one day, it sounds like the studio could be working on something completely different in the meantime.

According to video game reporter Jeff Grubb, The Coalition is currently working on another game outside of the Gears of War series. Grubb revealed this information on a new episode of the Xbox News Cast and went on to say that the project is something that will essentially allow The Coalition to get its feet wet with Unreal Engine 5. "It is them getting used to Unreal Engine 5. It's an experiment to mess with Unreal Engine 5," Grubb said of this mysterious game. "It's going to be smaller. It'll still take some time but it's going to be kind of like the small offshoot--that doesn't involve Gears necessarily--but is a way for them to get accustomed to this new toolset they are going to be working with."

As Grubb himself pointed out when saying this, The Coalition itself somewhat hinted in a blog post earlier this week that it may be working on other things. While the studio mainly talked about the future for Gears, it did say that it has "multiple new projects" planned for Unreal Engine 5 "in the coming years." As such, this clearly leaves the door open to the developer working on things outside of Gears, even though it hasn't necessarily done so--outside of assisting on other Xbox games--since being established.

Still, the thought of The Coalition working on all-new projects outside of the Gears of War series is quite exciting. As Xbox has moved to expand in recent years, The Coalition has continued to be one of the publisher's most promising studios. So even if the company makes something a bit smaller in nature moving forward, it would still be interesting to see what they can do when unshackled from Gears.

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