Ghost of Tsushima Movie Director Reveals How He Will Adapt the PlayStation Game

The director of the Ghost of Tsushima movie has revealed exactly how he plans to adapt the beloved PlayStation game. Over the last few years, Hollywood has proven it seems to understand how to adapt video games now. Even the lesser adaptations in recent years are much better than the ones we were getting 10 to 15 years ago. The ones that are actually truly great have set a precedent for future adaptations and also proven that you can tell a game's story faithfully while making some changes that don't impact why people fell in love with the game in the first place. 

Ghost of Tsushima and John Wick: Chapter 4 director Chad Stahelski noted that The Last of Us has given him some confidence in the possibilities of a gaming adaptation. He also revealed to DiscussingFilm how he plans to bring the game to life and noted that fans can maybe see the inspirations/throughline in the John Wick films. Stahelski noted the visuals of the game is very important to the story and he wants to make that one of the focuses of the film.

"I love Ghost of Tsushima, it's one of when my favorite properties," said Stahelski. "I'm lucky to be attached to a couple of really cool properties right now, from Rainbow Six to a few other things. Ghost of Tsushima is a really interesting story if you really dive into the tale of Jin Sakai and what the film is really about. And you tie him to these amazing visuals. You can already tell from the John Wick films that I love color and I love composition. To really try and not only live up to but exceed what the game has done with its visuals is completely fascinating to me. So that's something we're currently researching and working on. Like, how can you push the color palette? How can you bring that world to life in a very realistic and grounded way?"  

Ghost of Tsushima is indeed a really colorful game and one of the ultimate photo mode titles available on PlayStation. It has an incredible sense of style that, while distinct, is likely challenging to replicate at the level seen in the games. It seems like Stahelski is aware of this and is doing everything he can to try and bring that vision to life.

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