Gigantic Teases New Hero, Update in 2 Weeks

(Photo: Motiga)

Gigantic, a free-to-play Strategic Hero Shooter by Motiga Inc. is getting its first major update since November, and an all-new character to boot. Announced earlier via Twitter, new hero T-MAT is a robotic being with a pretty slick design. Check it out below:

In this hero shooter, players battle as their characters and alongside massive beings known as Guardians, which are kind of like summons or familiars. The roster currently includes 22 playable characters, and while T-MAT's animation doesn't indicate too much about what they'll do, the character's cool robotic look is already enough to garner some interest. T-MAT definitely looks like a fast character, if anything.

T-MAT won't be the first robot added to the game, with the tank-like HK-206 having already made its way into the game with a huge assortment of weaponry. Here's a description of HK's play style:

Shoot everything! HK-206 has a gun for every occasion—and armor plating to keep its arsenal intact.

  • Pulverize your enemies with a rail gun, a mortar, and a salvo of missiles.
  • Convert your rail gun into a chest cannon that fires explosive shells.
  • Fortify to get extra armor until you decide to move again.

HK-206 has a Twitch-exclusive skin that' known specifically as the "Violence" skin, so you know that this 'bot is hard core. T-MAT, on the other hand, might be a little less of a hard-hitter and more reliant on speed, if design indicates anything at all. It's likely that the developers will continue teasing the update until its release, so stay tuned for more.

Gigantic is available now on PC via Steam, and Xbox One.

(h/t ResetEra)