Gintama Rumble Adds Sakamoto Tatsuma, Plus More Game Features Revealed


Bandai Namco has confirmed that Sakamoto Tatsuma will be making his grand entrance in the upcoming Gintama Rumble title based off of the hit anime. According to a recent spread in Jump Magazine (thanks, Ryokutya), he will bring his gun toting wiles to the game and will be versatile in the game, as well.

The leader of the trailing fleet Kaientai will be a formidable fighter in the game, despite being the "natural idiot" in the franchise. He has the fighting chops, as fans of the show know, so to see that translate in the upcoming Gintama Rumble title will be interesting, to say the least.

In other news, Bandai Namco also hosted a mini Q & A about the game to give a little insight into the title's overall features and mechanics. Here's what they had to say in rough translation:

Q: Does this support cross-platform save?
A: Yes, this game does support cross-platform save. You can share your progress between PS4 & PS Vita, So you can play on the PS4 at home and continue outside on the Vita. Furthermore, the save data can also be shared between the regular and limited AV editions.

Q: What should I do to strengthen characters?
A: After collecting a number of experience points, the character will level up, and they will obtain CP (character points) which can be allocated at the Character Strengthening screen.
Note: Simply leveling up does not instantly strengthen the character.

Q: What kinds of CP allocation are recommended?

  • If you want to use more Super Gintama items – Allocate CPs to Mind, which will raise Awakening gauge and increase the amount of equipable Super Gintama items up to 3.
  • If you want characters to deal more damage or use more actions – Allocate CPs to Technique, which will raise attack power and let them learn new moves.
  • If you’re having trouble surviving enemy attacks – Allocate CPs to Body, which will raise defense power and HP bar.

Q: Can anybody ride Elizabeth?
A: Riding Elizabeth is a special move for Katsura Kotaro, so nobody else other than him will be able to ride it…

Q: Can you freely listen to the voices?

  • Gintama Chronicle mode – Once you have cleared a chapter, you can opt to re-watch the adventure part scenes without having the play the action segments.
  • System voices – Unlocked playable characters can be set as the system voice.
  • Finisher cut-in voices – The finisher cut-in voices used in Awakening Rumble attacks can be heard in the customization menu and Gintama Gallery mode after they have been unlocked.

Q: Can you watch the 3D cutscenes again?
A: As you progress through the story in Gintama Chronicle mode, they will be subsequently unlocked and viewable in the Gintama Gallery mode.

Q: How many players does this game support?
A: This game supports 1 player only (Online play is not supported).

Q: What about the framerate?
A: It will have variable framerate with a maximum of 60fps for PS4 and 30fps for PS Vita.

Gintama Rumble will be available for PlayStation 4 Japan users on January 18th, though an English localization will be available for Southeast Asia released on the same day!