Gloomhaven Sequel Frosthaven Announced

The sequel to Gloomhaven, the critically-acclaimed, award-winning board game has been officially announced. Isaac Childres, the creator of Gloomhaven, announced via his newsletter that Gloomhaven's sequel will be called Frosthaven, with a Kickstarter campaign launching in March 2020. Frosthaven will feature 16 new characters, 25 new enemies, over 100 new items, and around 100 new scenarios. A piece of promotional art, released by Childres, showed a human character facing off against a yeti-like Algox, which are related to the Inox seen in the first game. PAX Unplugged will also feature banners promoting Frosthaven, as seen below:

Frosthaven will take place in a small outpost, far to the north of the capital city of White Oak. Like Gloomhaven, the game will focus on mercenaries trying to turn the outpost around and deal with vague threats in the surrounding areas. Childres mentioned that the players will have to fight the Algox, dangerous Lurkers coming in from the sea, and even mysterious machines wandering in the frozen wastes.

Gloomhaven was originally released in 2017 and quickly earned rave reviews for its branching storyline and strategic combat encounters that mix hand management with fighting and strategy. As players crawled through various dungeons and camps, collecting gold and encountering various enemies, they also slowly leveled up their characters and dealt with random events that affected their reputation and town. As players progress through Gloomhaven, they eventually retire their old characters and discover new classes, testing different types of strategies and customizes their abilities by spending hard-earned coins.


Childres will reveal more information about Frosthaven this Saturday at PAX Unplugged. The panel with Childres and Tom Vasel starts at 10 AM ET and will also be streamed on Twitch by PAX.