God Of War Drops Powerful New Trailer Detailing Atreus' Story


For those that can't wait to see this new direction the God of War franchise is taking, you're not alone. Many of us can't wait to see Kratos as his new role of being a father, and seeing the new mythos that the narrative is adapting. Today, Sony decided to throw us a bone (or a bow) to keep fans excited while sating some of our curiousity.

If you're like us, you want to know more about the son, Atreus. What of his backstory, how to he come to be the inquisitive child we've seen in previous sneak peeks? How is Kratos holding up in his newfound father role? Some of these questions have answers in the latest video titled A Call from the Wilds. The trailer itself goes into a retelling of the son's story and gives us some fresh insight into his unique capabilities passed on from his lineage. Plus ... that animal voice ability he has seems chaotic, but so incredibly cool. Take a look at the latest video below and see what we mean:

The next snippets are much simpler, and are just little clips showcasing some of the powerful weapons that players will have a chance to wield throughout the game. As of right now, the PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War title is slated for an early 2018 release, though a recent leak suggests a March 22nd launch date. However, until the team themselves confirm it - all leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.

Below are more details on the game's weaponry, so check them out and stay tuned for more God of War goodness!