'God of War' Location Alfheim Completely Recreated Using LEGO

PlayStation 4's God of War is cool. Like, really cool (eloquent, I know) and to make it even cooler - let's throw in some LEGO to spice things up. Marius Herrmann shared our first look at his own special take on the game's signature location known as Alfhein through his work with the LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) builder. The game's narrative was already fantastic and so artfully done, so let's add an additional blocky artistic take to the mix to enjoy it even more! After all, you can never have too much God of War in your life!

Even Cory Barlog himself was impressed by the intricate recreation:

The above photoset is nothing short of inspiring, so for those looking to get in on their own recreation magic, you can get at least the Kratos LEGO figure right here.

You can see more of his work, including his Horizon Zero Dawn take, right here on his Flickr account. As for Kratos' adventure with his son Atreus, the latest God of War is available now exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

"Impossibly large temples of stone and precious metal, brilliantly glowing crystals and magical effects, and technically mind-boggling set-pieces that your brain will struggle to comprehend all suggest a game that would have been impressive on next-generation hardware. Playing on a PS4 Pro, I had so many stop-and-stare moments wherein I sat and wondered how this was happening on a home console," reads our full review.


"I can't wait for all of you to take this journey. It may sound grossly hyperbolic, but I feel perfectly confident in saying that God of War, and the story it tells, belongs alongside many of the greatest works of modern fiction across any medium. It is truly one of the great fantasy adventures of our lifetime, and one that I foresee us all returning to for years to come."

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