God of War Ragnarok Rating Hints at a Release Date Reveal

Adding to an already surprisingly eventful God of War day is a rating for God of War Ragnarok in South Korea, an event which signifies that we could very well be getting a release date for the game in the near future. The new rating which is the first of likely several that'll start showing up soon for the next God of War game was published online by South Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee, a rating which conspicuously showed up just ahead of all the summer gaming events set to get underway soon.

That rating (via Gematsu) can be seen here on the rating committee's site. The rating itself is not the noteworthy part of this situation since every game gets a rating in this manner and Ragnarok will undoubtedly get an "M" rating stateside anyway. The truly notable parts about this rating are twofold: It suggests that we'll get a release date for the game soonish, and it suggests that the game is indeed still on track for a 2022 release.

Concerns of the game perhaps not releasing in 2022 have certainly been warranted given how many games have been delayed this year and last, but past affirmations from the Ragnarok developers suggested that the game was indeed on its course for a 2022 release. Ragnarok was delayed once already, but some good news shared alongside that first (and hopefully only) delay confirmed that the game would also be releasing for the PlayStation 4.

Just recently, Sony Santa Monica Studio shared some new information about Ragnarok in terms of its accessibility settings it'll support when the game launches. Those will look familiar to people who played through The Last of Us Part II which had similarly impressive levels of customizations and settings to tweak to accommodate various needs.

Along with this rating in Korea, other games have also started showing up via these sorts of ratings boards to indicate release date announcements were coming. Marvel's Midnight Suns just got rated earlier this month, too, alongside Ubisoft's long-delayed Skull and Bones.

Ragnarok news aside, Sony also confirmed this week that a TV adaptation of God of War is in the works, so even though that likely won't debut for a while now, the series' fans already more to look forward to after Ragnarok releases.