New Google Stadia Event Announced Ahead of Gamescom

Another Stadia Connect event has been announced just ahead of Gamescom where Google will talk more about its ambitious streaming platform. Google announced the plans for the timing of the event on Tuesday with the stream taking place at a time that’ll allow people to transition into Gamescom’s events immediately after. New details and some announcements will be found during the stream with those who are actually attending Gamescom then able to try out Stadia themselves through some hands-on previews.

This next Stadia Connect will take place on August 19th, Google announced, at 10 a.m. PDT. This puts it one hour ahead of the Gamescom: Opening Night Live show that’ll feature all sorts of announcement itself. Google didn’t mention any specifics about its upcoming stream, though there’s always the chance that we’ll get those or at least some teasers since there’s still just under two weeks before the event happens.

The Stadia Connect will be streamed through YouTube and likely other platforms as well. The YouTube stream is already up for people to set reminders ahead of the stream. A line from the YouTube stream’s description confirmed that there would indeed be new game announcements during the stream.

“From revealing brand-new titles to going behind-the-scenes with our partners, we can’t wait to show what Stadia has in store for you,” the description said.

Though a bunch of emojis flashed across the teaser video, it doesn’t look like any of them are there to give us an indication of what’s to come from the Stadia Connect.

This will be Google’s second Stadia Connect following the first that shared all the details we have so far about the streaming service. Google’s initial Stadia Connect aired back in June and announced some games that would be available on the platform as well as details pertaining to prices and requirements for using Stadia. Some studios which were featured in some of Stadia’s advertising before have not yet made any game announcements for the platform, so perhaps we’ll see some of those during this event.


The games announced for Stadia could also end up being playable at Gamescom. We’ve seen Assassin’s Creed Odyssey played already, though the lineup Google plans on bringing to Gamescom is unknown.

Google’s next Stadia Connect will take place on August 19th.