Gotham Knights Character Descriptions Reveal New Batgirl and Red Hood Details

WB Montreal seems to have won fans over with their new take on the Batman universe Gotham Knights, which they showed off in epic fashion at DC FanDome. New footage accompanied the reveal that you would be playing as four members of the Bat-Family, and that included Batgirl and Red Hood, aka Jason Todd. Thanks to the official website going live we now have a few more character details to chew on, including Batgirl's history in this version and how WB is approaching Red Hood's often violent approach to justice, and we'll start with Jason Todd.

The official description for Todd reveals that Todd has come around to the Bat-Family's opinion of justice, so while he will have his pistols and guns, it seems to be all non-lethal ammunition.

"Jason Todd is an intense and volatile anti-hero. It all stems from dying a violent death and then being forcibly resurrected by one of Batman's most dangerous foes. He has trouble keeping his temper in check, but he will not hesitate to step into the line of fire when a friend is threatened. Red Hood wants crime to pay because Gotham City is built on a foundation of corruption, and he's been on the receiving end of it far too often.

Jason has trained to reach the peak of human strength, and he's proficient in multiple combat techniques with all manner of weapons—both traditional and high-tech. After reconciling with the Batman Family, he has embraced Batman's non-lethal combat methods."

Next up is Batgirl, and WB doesn't seem to be straying too far from her comic history, as the description reveals she was injured by a villain (though it doesn't say Joker specifically) and she then became Oracle as a result. It also says she recovered to become Batgirl, so we're not sure if that means she just recovered naturally unlike in the comics or if she designed the implant she currently has in the comics, which interacts with her spine and lets her walk.

You can find the official description below.

"Few people can match Barbara Gordon in terms of raw willpower and determination. Barbara has always been a person of action. In her mind, backing down is never an option. Having one of Gotham City's most well-known police commissioners as a father had a massive impact on her. Jim Gordon gave his life for Gotham, and now she wants to make sure it wasn't in vain. After a face-off that put Barbara in a wheelchair, she became Oracle, a powerful information and communications expert. But her father's death spurred her to train and recover from her wounds so that she could return to active duty as Batgirl.

Barbara is highly trained in a variety of fighting styles, such as kickboxing, capoeira, and jiu-jitsu. Her signature weapon is the tonfa. Barbara also displays great skill when it comes to hacking or coding in computers and technological systems to dig for information."

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