Grab The Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle For $200 Right Now


If you’ve been looking to pick up an Xbox One, but have just been waiting for the right time – and more importantly, price – to pick it up for, heads up. We’ve got your notice right here.

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The team over at Walmart has just posted a huge discount price for the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition bundle, where you can get it for $199 with free two-day shipping, or free pick-up if you prefer. Keep in mind that the price is before tax, so it’ll go up a few bucks after you check out, depending on which state you live in.

Still, $200 for an Xbox One with a game is hardly anything to scoff at – especially when it’s a game that comes with a robust single-player campaign, as well as a ton of multiplayer options. Granted, you are just getting the core game, and not the downloadable content that’s been introduced over the past few months, but you’ll still get plenty of mileage out of the game.

Along with a digital copy of the game, the package also includes a one-month EA Access membership, along with a 500GB Xbox One system in storm grey color, a matching controller, and all the hook-ups you need to jump into battle. Again, for $200, that’s a pretty great deal, and who knows how long it’s going to last.

There’s been word that Microsoft could be planning an Xbox One price drop when the Xbox One X arrives in November, although nothing’s been finalized just yet. This “soft sale” could be a testing ground to see how well a lower price for systems fares, so we could see more markdowns like this in the future. For the time being, though, if you’ve been looking for an Xbox One S, this is a pretty unbeatable deal – even if you’re not the best Battlefield 1 player out there.


Remember, you’ll get two day free shipping with the deal, and you can always schedule a local pick-up at your Walmart store in case you don’t feel like waiting.

Battlefield 1 is available now for Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.