Gran Turismo Movie Reveals First Footage at CinemaCon

The Gran Turismo franchise is branching out with its very first movie, and now fans have gotten to see the first footage from the Gran Turismo movie in action at CinemaCon 2023! Gran Turismo is the next in line of Sony Pictures and PlayStation Studios' efforts to bring Sony's various video game franchise to the big screen, and it's currently scheduled for a release across theaters later this Summer. With the Gran Turismo movie so close, there's been some footage exclusively revealed for those at attendance at the recent CinemaCon now taking place at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV. 

Luckily's Brandon Davis was in attendance during Sony's CinemaCon presentation, and has shared a description of the Gran Turismo movie preview footage shared with those exclusively in the audience. But first it was set up by Gran Turismo stars David Harbour and Orlando Bloom, and Harbour wondered how a movie was going to be made "out of a racing game" in the first place. But Bloom explained it's based on the true story of "how being good at a game can completely change your life."

(Photo: Sony Pictures)

Gran Turismo: First Footage Revealed

While Bloom noted to the CinemaCon attendees that Gran Turismo is a video game that's so realistic that drivers and teams use it to train, Harbour (who also does his own driving in the Gran Turismo movie) noted that there's a big different between playing a video game and driving the real cars. The star of the film does his own driving, as well.'s Brandon Davis broke down the Gran Turismo footage as such:

"A gamer's family, with a father played by Djimon Hounsou, is not approving of how much he has been playing video games. He is deep into Gran Turismo. Hw goes from the games to the real thing under the idea of Orlando Bloom;'s character. Harbour is fully skeptic, saying, "Your kids a scrawny little gamer." The gamers have to get physically fit, the challenges present themselves, and plenty of racing sequences grace the screen. The stakes are emphasized by an outlining of the risks. The gamer makes the team and it's time for a real race, with the other drivers not being a fan of a video game player getting a spot in the real thing."

Gran Turismo is scheduled to hit theaters on August 11, 2023.