Grand Theft Auto V Best-Selling Game of All Time According to NPD

gta v

We report the monthly NPD results fairly regularly, tracking which games and consoles sell the most in North America month to month. Every single month, seemingly without fail, Grand Theft Auto V is in the top ten, despite the launching in 2013. It has supernatural legs and, according to the NPD, has finally broken the threshold and become the best-selling video game of all time in terms of revenue and tracked unit sales. From the report (via US Gamer):

"Grand Theft Auto V has now been on the market 49 months and has achieved 41 Top 10 chart appearances, 16 more times than any other single title in reported history," wrote NPD's Mat Piscatella. "In addition, Grand Theft Auto V is the all-time best-selling game by both revenue and units in tracked sales across PC, console, and portable with digital and packaged combined."

As we mentioned, this is only for tracked unit sales in North America, so let's not get too carried away. If we're talking about the best-selling game in the world, that title still has to belong to Tetris. I don't think any game will ever dethrone Tetris. GTA V is available on last-gen consoles and current-gen consoles and PC, and that's cute, but Tetris is available on literally everything.

We don't want to rain on Rockstar's parade, though. Grand Theft Auto V has achieved incredible things, and Rockstar is still adding to the game. While single-player fans are likely a little bitter that story content has been dropped, GTA Online continues to thrive with new adversary modes, new vehicles, and a constant stream of in-game events.


At launch GTA V was the fastest selling game in the world, and also the fastest selling entertainment product in the world at the time. It took four years to achieve best-seller status, but they finally hit it. Congrats to the entire team.