Grand Theft Auto V Tops PlayStation Downloads For July

Sony has just posted its download numbers for PlayStation games in July, and, surprise, a Rockstar [...]

Grand Theft Auto V

Sony has just posted its download numbers for PlayStation games in July, and, surprise, a Rockstar favorite has resurfaced in the top spot -- just in time to ride that Red Dead Redemption 2 hype.

Grand Theft Auto V has taken the number one spot when it came to PlayStation 4 games, inching even closer to that 100 million copies sold mark. Apparently fans can't get enough of what the game has to offer, particularly with its newly introduced After Hours DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Close behind in second place is Rocket League, which is just as competitive as ever with its new content, as well as a new competitive season that's hit the ground running.

Third place, however, is a real surprise. No Man's Sky has managed to surge back into popularity following the release of its NEXT expansion, which has been a big hit with fans. It's good to see the game make its way back into the spotlight.

Here are the top ten games according to the chart:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Rocket League
  3. No Man's Sky
  4. FIFA 18
  5. Destiny 2
  6. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition
  7. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
  8. Fallout 4
  9. Need For Speed
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Meanwhile, on the PSVR front, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality scored an easy win in the number one spot, followed by PlayStation VR Worlds and Job Simulator.

When it came to free-to-play games, Fortnite: Battle Royale ran away with the victory, though the just released H1Z1: Battle Royale and Defiance 2050 were close behind.

PlayStation 2 classics on PS4 also saw some great traction over the past month, with Destroy All Humans! 2 taking a surprising lead, followed by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the original Destroy All Humans! Twisted Metal: Black and Bully rounded out the top five.

Finally, on the PS Vita front, Persona 4 Golden took a commanding lead, followed by the indie favorite Stardew Valley and the action-packed God of War: Collection. Adventures of Mana and Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition rounded out the top five.

Congrats to all the top winners. Now we just need to see if Grand Theft Auto V will keep its commanding lead for August, or will a newcomer knock it off its perch. We'll find out next month!