GTA 5 Mod Transforms Game Into Vice City

The ingenuity of the mod community is always impressive. Take, for example, the latest for Grand Theft Auto V. The website Dark Side of Gaming has released the Vice City Remastered mod, which allows GTA V players to explore a map that harkens back to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. While the game mod is visually impressive, the creators weren't content to just create a new skin. They took things a step further by adding custom missions and scenarios exclusive to the mod! For Grand Theft Auto fans that miss the 80s-inspired title, it should prove to be a nice throwback!

According to Dark Side of Gaming, the mod has been in-development for four years. The mod's creator say that it's "DLC sized," so players should expect an amount of content similar to DLC packs, rather than a full game. Of course, for those that really want to revisit Vice City, the title is available across a number of current platforms, including Windows and PlayStation 4. As such, some players might be more comfortable sticking with the original game, but for those interested in exploring Vice City in GTA V's engine, this is a very cool option.

Released in 2002, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was set in a fictionalized city based on Miami in the 1980s. With its floral print shirts and emphasis on drugs, the game clearly took inspiration from Scarface and Miami Vice, as well as other pop culture of the time. The title was a critical and commercial smash for Rockstar Games, with many praising Vice City's soundtrack and story. Nearly twenty years after its release, the game is still considered by many to be one of the best titles in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

As is typically the case with mods such as these, the Vice City Remastered mod is not endorsed or sponsored by Rockstar, and is only available for players on PC. It can be downloaded for free in the link in the above tweet.


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