GTA Online Adds Final Los Santos Drug Wars Missions, New Cars, and More

GTA Online has released the last chapter in its Los Santos Drug Wars update, The Last Dose, which includes a bunch of wild missions, vehicles, and more. GTA Online has been going for nearly ten years strong now and one of the biggest games out there. Rockstar Games has supported it with constant updates for years, but as the developer shifts its focus to the next Grand Theft Auto game, it has been taking a different approach to updates. Previously, we'd get a new update every few months which kept the game very alive. After a number of years, it then switched to a big update every 6 months or so and while that still sort of remains true, Rockstar has switched things up yet again. With its most recent big content update, Los Santos Drug Wars, Rockstar opted to release all of the content connected to this particular update over the course of a few months to ensure there was constant new content.

With that said, today marks the end of the Los Santos Drug Wars update saga. The new chapter for this update is called The Last Dose and includes five new missions which culminate in a rivalry with Dr. Friedlander, which players will recognize as Michael's therapist in the main story. The character returns a decade later in GTA Online having gone from therapist to Hollywood sellout to now a drug lord, pushing psychedelics to the citizens of Los Santos. It is up to you to ensure that Los Santos is your territory for peddling drugs by shutting out Friedlander's operation. Both The First Dose and The Last Dose missions are awarding 2X RP and GTA$ until March 29th and those who complete content related to The Last Dose update will be given the following rewards by that same date.

·       Complete The Last Dose Mission This is an Intervention to get the Floral Güffy Pool Sliders.

·       Resupply your Acid Lab and complete a Sell Mission to get the Black Enema Flourish Ski mask.

·       Complete a daily Stash House to receive the Teal Enema Flourish Ski mask.

·       Finish all The Last Dose missions to get the Lime Leopard Slab cap and Canvas Shoes.

Additionally, this update adds new cardigans and jeans and some new vehicles. Those who complete The Last Dose missions will earn Dr. Friedlander's Ocelot Virtue electric super car which can be upgraded at the Agency Vehicle Workshop. GTA+ subscribers can also purchase one from Legendary Motorsports on their in-game phone. Lastly, a new muscle car known as the Willard Eudora will be available to purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos or Simeon's Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom until March 29th.

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