GTA 6 Setting Possibly Leaked by GTA Online

Some Grand Theft Auto fans are speculating that the trailer for the new GTA Online update teases the setting of GTA 6. Most rumors about the next Grand Theft Auto game seem to agree that Vice City, the series' fictional take on Miami, is either the primary location of the game, or one of the major locations in it, with other cities and countries thrown around by various rumors like Carcer City (Midwest), Liberty City (NYC), Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and more. Vice City is the common thread though. Then there's another major split between rumors, with some saying the game takes place in the 80s while others saying the modern era. And then there are some rumors that say it takes place in both, with the prologue happening in the past and the rest of the game happening in modern times. All of that said, the aforementioned GTA Online trailer has some Grand Theft Auto fans looking back over the rumors mentioning the 1980s. 

As Twitter account GTA 6 News & Leaks points out, the reveal trailer for the new GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises update has a scene where a character says, 'It's insane! It's like I'm back in 1981."As you would expect, some fans have taken this as a hint, partially because Rockstar Games is known to tease future games with small easter eggs, though these easter eggs are typically less obvious than this.

For now, take everything here for what it is, which is complete speculation. While there's something to this speculation, there's also a very good chance there's nothing to this brief part of the trailer.

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