New GTA 6 Trailer Leak Is Probably Fake

A new GTA 6  trailer "leak" is making the rounds, but there are a few indicators pointing towards the leak being fake. Grand Theft Auto fans are desperate to see GTA 6 after Rockstar Games confirmed the next installment in the series earlier this year. Right now, there's no official word from Rockstar Games when the reveal trailer will drop. That said, according to a few different rumors from sources ranging from dubious to reliable, the debut trailer is dropping this year. And if the aforementioned leak is is to be believed, it's dropping real soon.

Over on Twitter, GTA 6 News & Leaks relays a screenshot that was sent to them showing an unpublished video titled "Grand Theft Auto VI -- Trailer" from the official Rockstar Games YouTube account. Anyone with even a little bit of photoshop talent could fake this, but that's not the big red flag. The big red flag is that the freeze-frame on the trailer shows an "M" rating. While the game will inevitably have a mature rating, it wouldn't have a rating already unless it was near release, which seems very unlikely at this point. Further, Rockstar Games doesn't usually stick ratings at the front of their trailers. 

For example, the second, third, and official gameplay trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2 have no rating splash screens at the beginning of the video. The reveal trailer does, but there's no rating, just a warning that some of the content may be inappropriate for children. 

At the moment of publishing, everything about this "leak" suggests it's a fake. Further, based on rumblings we have heard, the reveal trailer isn't arriving anytime in the immediate future, so there's no way it would be sitting on the YouTube backend already.

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