GTA 6 Insider Gives New Update on Rockstar's "Turbulent" Development

A notable GTA 6 insider has given fans an idea of how Rockstar Games' development of the next mainline Grand Theft Auto game is going. At this point in time, the only thing we know for certain about GTA 6 is that it exists within Rockstar as the studio confirmed earlier this year that the project is now in the works. And while it might be a long time until we see more from the long-awaited open-world game, a new report has now painted a picture of what's happening internally. 

According to video game industry insider Tom Henderson, work on Grand Theft Auto 6 is in a "very turbulent" state at the moment. And while this would normally be a cause for concern, Henderson went on to say that the game's development is only turbulent for pretty standard reasons. Specifically, he pointed to employees coming and going from Rockstar and ongoing struggles with game development that have come about in the wake of the pandemic as the reason for these issues. Essentially, these problems that Rockstar is facing are ones that numerous studios around the globe are also dealing with. 

In addition to providing this context, Henderson said that he also still expects GTA 6 to launch in either 2024 or 2025. This is the launch window that Henderson has reported on in the past, and based on what has transpired within Rockstar over the past year, he's still sticking to this window. Obviously, only time will tell if GTA 6 actually ends up arriving in the coming years, but the fact that Rockstar has already publicly announced that it's working on the game bodes well. If we're lucky, perhaps we'll get our first official trailer for the game before too long. 

When do you believe that GTA 6 will actually see the light of day? Is 2024 or 2025 feasible, or do you think that the next Grand Theft Auto game could be even further away? Let me know your own personal theories either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.