GTA 6 Setting Possibly Revealed By In-Game Grand Theft Auto 5 Website

An in-game Grand Theft Auto 5 website may have just revealed what the setting of GTA 6 is. Since [...]

An in-game Grand Theft Auto 5 website may have just revealed what the setting of GTA 6 is. Since the dawn of GTA 6 rumors and "leaks," there's been suggestions the game will, at least partially, take place in Vice City, the series' fictional version of Miami, Florida. Many rumors and alleged leaks have been saying this, but the complimentary details in each of these rumors have been different. As a result, it's hard to know which to trust, if any.

That said, Grand Theft Auto players have found an in-game GTA 5 website that may just suggest the prominent GTA 6 rumor referred to as "Project Americas" is accurate, or at least partially accurate. If you're familiar with the popular GTA 6 rumor, you'll know it claims the game will take place in both Vice City and Carcer City, a fictional take on Boston.

The old GTA 6 rumor was also the first to relay word that the game will star a wannabe drug lord, something many rumors have since echoed.

The aforementioned in-game website seems to give the rumor some credence because it seemingly lines up with these two claims, or at least that's what some Grand Theft Auto fans think. The website in question features an odd quote noting that the 1980s was the era where everyone wanted to "emulate a Vice City lifestyle," much like the rumored GTA 6 protagonist.

Of course, this is a bitch of a stretch. A stretch normally not worth entertaining. However, Rockstar Games is well known to tease its upcoming games via its current games. For example, GTA 5 also teased Red Dead Redemption 2 before it was announced.

At the moment, all of this should be taken with a major grain of salt, because for now, it's nothing more than speculation. That said, it has had the Grand Theft Auto community talking.

GTA 6 is rumored to be in development for PS5 and Xbox Series X. While the game hasn't been officially announced by Rockstar Games, it has been the subject to many rumors, leaks, and reports, all of which you can read about right here.