GTA Players Get a New Vehicle and Contract

GTA Online's latest routine update dropped right on schedule this week to give players new bonuses and rewards to strive for along with two bigger additions: Another new car to acquire and another new Contract to complete. The car is the Übermacht Cypher that's part of the continued Los Santos Tuners content while the Contract tasks players with robbing The Union Depository, and both of those are available now for players to check out when they're able to.

The new vehicle was previewed in the past as most new vehicles now are following the launch of Los Santos Tuners, so if you took the Übermacht Cypher for a test spin previously, you can now add it to your collection previously. All y ou have to do to call it yours is purchase it from the Legendary Motorsport retailer.

"The markings on Mount Chiliad. The noise in those tunnels. These are the thoughts that keep you up at night," Rockstar Games said about the new vehicle. "And now, there's the enigmatic Übermacht Cypher. How can a car look so good, feel so good, and handle so damn good? You'll find the answer at Legendary Motorsport."

As we've seen from past releases, the launch of this new car means that there are more vehicles to test out now, too. Both the Karin Previon and the Vapid Dominator GTT are available on the Test Track as is the Übermacht Cypher if you want to give that vehicle one last test run before purchasing it.

If you don't have enough in the bank to get the new vehicle, you can also try taking on the new Union Depository Contract to help fund your purchase. This new Contract has players robbing the Union Depository after taking on the Contract from their Auto Shops. This mission and other Robbery Contracts are giving out twice the GTA$ and RP this week as well.


"A plan is in the works to hit one of the most well-guarded buildings in Los Santos — The Union Depository," Rockstar said. "You'll need a few things before you can think about walking in the door, so visit the Job Board in your Auto Shop to learn more."

For those looking to get a new Auto Shop, you're in luck this week as well. Auto Shops are 20% off, but only for the week.